Syrian President Bashar al-Assad thanked countries that provided humanitarian aid in the early hours of the disaster.

Syrian authorities said on Friday that they had completed search-and-rescue operations for survivors of the February 5 earthquake, while continuing work to clear debris.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad highlighted the Syrian people’s response despite the magnitude of the challenge during his first speech since the earthquakes that left more than 44,000 dead in Syria and Turkiye.

“The motherland is the home and its protection is a duty, regardless of the type and magnitude of the challenge, and regardless of whether capabilities are many or few, and this is what was demonstrated from the first moments of the earthquake,” said the Syrian president .

Bashar Al-Asad noted that while the war has affected the availability of resources and capabilities, it has given Syrian society the experience to effectively respond to the earthquake with over 6,000 reported dead in the country.

Earthquake victims in refugee camps in the city of Afrin, Syria / Omar Haj Kadour /AFP

“We will not forget those who mobilized to defend the true image of Syrian society in the various media, who did not allow the distorted image, which some tried to spread, to damage our reputation as a society”, emphasized the head of state.

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At the same time, he thanked the countries that provided solidarity assistance from the first hours of the disaster, while also emphasizing the importance of unity in overcoming the complex circumstances.

Finally, he concluded that “faith in God, in the country and in the will, which is capable of working miracles”. Syria will remain dignified with its people, strong with its history, rich with its dignity and capable with its will.”


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