Nordic country became the 32nd member of the military alliance; Putin’s main opponent died in prison in Siberia

In the Around the World framework, the team from Poder360 summarizes the main international facts from the last week (Feb 26, 2024 to Mar 1, 2024).

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Sweden in NATO

On Monday (Feb 26), the Hungarian Parliament approved Sweden’s entry into NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Accession was approved by 188 votes in favor and 6 against.

The vote in the country governed by Viktor Orbán was the last obstacle to the expansion of the military alliance in Europe. For a new member to join NATO, all member countries must approve membership.

Sweden submitted its candidacy in May 2022 and now becomes the 32nd member of the military organization.

War in Ukraine

Also on Monday (Feb 26), the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, stated that the deployment of NATO troops to Ukraine should not be ruled out.

The French leader’s statement resulted in reactions from Russia and members of the military alliance. The organization’s general secretary, Jens Stoltenberg, ruled out the possibility.

The Russian government stated on Tuesday (Feb 27) that a conflict against the alliance countries would be inevitable if troops were sent.

During an address to the nation on Thursday (29.Feb), the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, warned to the risk of a nuclear conflict with the West if the military alliance acts directly in Ukraine.

GDP in the USA

On Wednesday (28.Feb), the United States disclosed a review of GDP for the 4th quarter of 2023. The index grew 3.2% in the period. The result is 0.1 percentage point lower than estimated in January.

War in the Middle East

On Thursday (Feb 29), the Palestinian Ministry of Health, controlled by Hamas, these that the number of Palestinians killed in the conflict against Israel exceeded 30,000 in the Gaza Strip.

Also on Thursday (Feb 29), the Palestinian health agency said that at least 112 people died while waiting for food to be delivered to the Gaza Strip. According to authorities, Israeli soldiers shot at civilians.

The Israel Defense Forces stated that the deaths were caused by confusion during the delivery of supplies.

International authorities are trying to mediate a ceasefire agreement and United States President Joe Biden these on Monday (26.Feb) that Israel agreed to stop attacks in the Gaza Strip during Ramadan, a holy period for Muslims.

However, Hamas these that Biden’s statement was “early”. The extremist group, the Israeli government and Qatari mediators said negotiations for a ceasefire were still ongoing.

Navalny’s funeral

On Friday (March 1), thousands of people gathered in Russia to attend Alexei Navalny’s funeral. Vladimir Putin’s opponent died on February 16 in a Siberian prison.

The ceremony was held at the Icon of the Mother of God church, in the south of Moscow, and the activist’s body was buried at the Borisovski cemetery. During the procession, Navalny’s supporters shouted messages against the war in Ukraine. O funeral was closely monitored by Russian police officers.


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