Winds of more than 150 km/h break windows and down power lines in Houston

A storm killed 4 people in Texas, in the United States, on Thursday (May 16, 2024). The wind broke windows, left residents without electricity and caused other damage. According to the country’s meteorological service, winds exceeded 150 km/h.

Electricity and natural gas utility CenterPoint Energy reported that around 800,000 properties were left without electricity. “Be prepared for extended weather-related power outages and possible delays in some outage notifications”, warned the company.

Images shared on social media show the strength of the storm and the damage caused to power transmission lines, as well as broken glass from broken building windows in Houston.

Watch (2min43s):

On Thursday (May 16), the US Weather Service issued an alert of immediate threat to life or property. The alert is no longer active, but the weather forecast for this Friday (May 17) warns of possible heavy rain and hail.

The authorities asked people to stay at home and canceled classes this Friday (May 17).


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