New package of embargoes affected the company that provided services to the branch of the agency in RJ; 20 employees were laid off

Russian news agency Sputnik ended this Monday (13.Mar.2023) activities in Brazil. The reasons were given by the economic sanctions established by the EU (European Union) against Russian companies due to the invasion in Ukraine.

O Poder360 found that 20 employees at the branch in Rio de Janeiro were fired. However, the site in Portuguese will remain online, as the Sputnik Brazil has a team that works directly from Moscow. There is no forecast of when the unit in Brazil will return to operation.

A Sputnik was founded by Russian media group Rossiya Segodnya.

On February 25, the European Council announced yet another package of embargoes against state and public companies, as well as businessmen and politicians in Russia. In the new round of sanctions, the EU added 87 people and 34 entities to the list. Leia the official communiqué of the European Union.

In the specific case of the Brazilian branch of Sputnikthe embargoes prevented that the company providing the service Sputnik Brazil was able to pay the salaries of employees.


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