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“The time has come to move from words to action,” declared Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. This Wednesday (22), the Iberian country, Norway and Ireland announced the decision to recognize Palestine as a State at the end of the month.

“We are a pacifist people who respect the Charter of the United Nations. We demonstrated this years ago when we rejected Spain’s participation in the illegal war against Iraq. Today, thousands of young people, in demonstrations and university camps, express their rejection of the massacre in Gaza and the rest of the Palestinian territories,” he explained.

The announcement of the decision comes two days after the International Criminal Court prosecutor issued an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

“Netanyahu is generating so much pain, resentment and destruction in Gaza and the rest of Palestine that the two-state solution is in serious danger of becoming unviable.” The Israeli offensive, Sánchez warned, “will only perpetuate hatred and terrorism, worsening security prospects for Israel and impeding a horizon of peace and prosperity for the Palestinians and the entire region.”

The recognition of the three countries will be formalized next Tuesday (28). The joint decision was taken after the UN General Assembly approved, at the beginning of the month, a resolution that paves the way for the recognition of Palestine as a member state of the organization.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre was the first to announce the decision, in Oslo. The Norwegian government’s move has a lot of impact and symbolism, as the country is seen as a historic agent in conflict negotiations.

It was in the Norwegian capital where the so-called “Oslo peace accords” were made.

“The Norwegian government has decided that Norway will recognize Palestine as a state. In the midst of a war, with tens of thousands of dead and injured, we must keep alive the only alternative that offers a political solution for both Israelis and Palestinians: Two States, living side by side, in peace and security’, stated the first -minister Jonas Gahr Store.

Prime Minister Simon Harris of Ireland said he hopes other countries will do the same in the coming weeks. “Ahead of today’s announcement, I spoke with several other leaders and I am confident that more countries will join us in taking this important step in the coming weeks,” he added.

Israel more isolated after international pressure

Since the beginning of the conflict, the Israeli far-right’s argument that the more than 30,000 deaths in the Gaza Strip were a way for the country to defend itself from the Hamas attacks on October 7th has been imploding very quickly.

Since then, international diplomacy has been giving clear signs that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition has already exceeded the limits of what is tolerable, including for historical allies, such as the United States.

In March, the White House presented a resolution to the UN Security Council for a ceasefire in Gaza, which Zionism vehemently rejected. Tel Aviv claimed that the body impeded the Jewish people’s right to self-defense.

On the 10th, the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) approved a resolution that paves the way for Palestine to become a member of the United Nations and grants “new rights and privileges” to Palestinians.

Currently, Palestine has Observer State status at the United Nations and sits at the back of the General Assembly hall.

The text asks the UN Security Council to approve Palestine becoming the 194th member of the United Nations.

The resolution was approved by 143 votes in favor, nine against and 25 abstentions. Brazil voted in favor of recognition, opposing rejections by the United States and Argentina, for example.

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