Ruling party loses election after winning 108 seats in Parliament, compared to 175 for its main opposition opponent

The Prime Minister of South Korea, Han Duck-soo, made his position available this Thursday (April 11, 2024), after it was confirmed that the ruling party lost the parliamentary elections.

According to the state news agency Yonhapthe leader of the prime minister’s PPP (People’s Power Party), Han Dong-hoon, and other party advisers also offered to resign, taking responsibility for the electoral defeat.

In practice, the movement means that the prime minister and advisors can leave their positions, if so determined by the president of South Korea, Yoon Suk-yeol.

The PD (Democratic Party), the main opposition to the government, won 161 of the 254 seats in question in the parliamentary elections on Wednesday (April 10, 2024). The ruling PPP (Popular Power Party) won 90 seats. Including allied parties, the PD bloc secured 175 seats, compared to 108 for its opponent. In total, the South Korean National Assembly has 300 members. Despite the victory, the opposition did not achieve a supermajority in Parliament. To do this, 200 candidates would have to be elected.

In South Korea, the Executive Power is concentrated in the president and the prime minister runs the country in the event of the head of state’s incapacity.

After the defeat, the country’s president promised reforms in the administration. His term runs until 2027.

I will humbly accept the will of the people expressed in the general elections and strive to reform the administration and do my best to stabilize the economy and improve people’s livelihoods”, said Yoon, according to the head of the presidential office in an interview with journalists.


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