Removal is an important step towards the full reopening of the port of Baltimore, one of the most important in the USA

The container vessel that collided, on March 26, with the Francis Scott Key bridge, in Baltimore (USA), was towed on Monday (May 20, 2024), almost 8 weeks after the accident. The ship was taken to an anchorage in the city’s port. The information is from New York Times.

The vessel’s removal is a crucial step towards the full reopening of the port’s main channel, which has been blocked since the collision. The impact caused the bridge to collapse, killing 6 workers who were carrying out repairs to the structure.

According to the newspaper, around 50,000 tons of metal and debris fell into the Patapsco River when the bridge collapsed. Several alternative, shallower channels have opened in the last 2 months. But the return of normal traffic depends on the main channel. The Port of Baltimore is one of the main maritime commercial centers in the USA.

The idea is that the main channel will be back in operation by the end of May. Coast Guard Captain David O’Connell, coordinator of the operation at the site, said that work is progressing towards achieving the objective.

US President Joe Biden wrote on X (formerly Twitter) that the removal of the vessel was “a sign of progress and a promise fulfilled”.


The Francis Scott Key Bridge, in Baltimore (USA), collapsed in the early hours of March 26 after being hit by a cargo ship. The vessel would be moving at high speed towards the structure, approximately 8.5 knots (15.7 km/h). The term “knot” refers to the speed of one nautical mile per hour in relation to ocean currents.

A live broadcast on YouTube showed the moment the ship collides with the bridge, which then collapses. Watch (47s):

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