The idea is to protect animals and people; technology is similar to that used in vaccines against covid-19

The outbreak of avian flu in dairy cows in the US is driving the development of new next-generation mRNA vaccines that are being tested in animals and people. The technology is similar to that used in vaccines against Covid-19. The information is from Associated Press.

The US Department of Agriculture will begin testing a vaccine developed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, applying it to calves.

The idea is that if immunizing cows protects rural workers, there will be less chance of the virus infecting people and mutating that could infect more people.

The bird flu virus has been spreading among more animal species in dozens of countries since 2020.

This week, the United States Department of Agriculture announced that it was found for the first time in alpacas, a species of mammal.

At least 3 people, all workers on farms with infected cows, were diagnosed with bird flu, although the illnesses were considered mild. But earlier versions of the same H5N1 flu virus were highly lethal to humans in other parts of the world.


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