Minister of Tourism participates in ITB Berlin, one of the largest world fairs in the sector; Brazil received 2 awards

The profile of the Ministry of Tourism shared on Wednesday (6 March 2024) a video of its minister Celso Sabino singing the song “Flying to Pará” by singer Joelma during ITB Berlin, one of the largest world fairs in the sector. At the Brazilian stand at the event held in Germany, a cookshow with typical national foods, including Tacacá, a typical dish from the Amazon region.

“I’m going to have a tacacá, dance, enjoy, have fun. Because when I arrive in Pará, I feel good, time flies”, sang Sabino. According to him, in addition to the meetings, the event is also important for bringing entrepreneurs and investors from Europe to Brazil and Pará. The Brazilian stand highlights nature, sun and beach, culture, luxury, indigenous people and the LGBTQIA+ group.

In the video, the minister also spoke about the awards that the country received: “Destination of the Year” and “Minister of Tourism for 2023 in South America”. He stated that it is the “honorable recognition is due to all the work undertaken since the beginning of the current administration of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva [PT]“.

Watch (1min47s):


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