The attack was in November 2022 and came to light after classified US documents were leaked.

Russia tried to shoot down a US drone in November 2022 in Syria, a country at war for over 10 years. The information was confirmed by the website The War Zone by a spokesman for the US Army.

The incident came to light after the leak of classified documents from the United States, in which they had information such as strategic regions about Ukraine and the Middle East.

We can confirm that a Russian-controlled SA-22 fired a missile at a US MQ-9 on November 27, 2022,” said U.S. Army Colonel Joe Buccino, as The War Zone describing the missile used by the country ruled by Vladimir Putin and the US drone.

The Russian strike was reportedly carried out in northeastern Syria, but the missile missed the US drone. According to the spokesman for the US Army, this type of incident is not common in the country.

Exact circumstances as to what Russia actually tried to do by launching the missile are still limited, according to the The War Zone. The website also says that it is not possible to say whether the Russians actually knew they were shooting at a drone or by another group operating in Syria.

Northeastern Syria is controlled by US-backed Kurds, but there are Russians operating from various outposts in that region of the country. According to the website, these 2 factors combined with the fact that there is also a presence of groups supported by Turkey makes the situation in that region very complex.


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