The Kremlin denied involvement following the release of a Microsoft report accusing Russian agents of defaming the IOC

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied this Tuesday (June 4, 2024) Microsoft’s accusations that the Russian government was involved in disinformation activities aimed at the Paris Olympic Games.

In a note released last Sunday (June 2, 2024), the technology company pointed out that the country is responsible for attempts to sabotage the sporting event. Microsoft claims to have detected 2 Russian influence actors, identified as Storm-1679 and Storm-1099.

The document further claims that Microsoft’s Threat Analysis Center detected an AI (Artificial Intelligence) mechanism used by Storm-1679 to defame the IOC (International Olympic Committee). The main strategy used would be to create the narrative that the Paris Olympics are at risk of episodes of violence.

In response to Microsoft, Peskov said such accusations are defamatory and denied any Russian involvement in the alleged disinformation campaigns.

“[São] simply generalized criticism, which has no basis in argument. Unfortunately, we are increasingly encountering this. But it has nothing to do with reality, it is absolute slander and nothing more“, he told journalists.


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