Ukrainian agricultural production flow through the Black Sea will have a deadline of 60 days, half of the previous extension in 2022

Russia agreed this Monday (13.Mar.2023) to extend the agreement with Ukraine for the export of grains from Ukrainian agricultural production through the Black Sea. However, the extension will last for 60 days, half the term stipulated in the last extension, in November 2022. The information is from the Russian news agency Ria Novosti.

Negotiations were made with the Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Vershinin, and UN (United Nations) officials. According to Reutersthe agreement should be officially renewed on Saturday (18.mar).

“We have just completed another round of consultations between the Russian interdepartmental delegation and UN representatives. […] on the normalization of domestic agricultural exports”said the Russian diplomat.

According to Vershinin, Moscow’s position regarding the future of the agreement will also depend on the “real progress in sourcing Russian products”.

“Including bank payments, transport logistics, insurance, unfreezing of financial activities and supply of ammonia through the Togliatti-Odessa pipeline”he added.

the grain deal he was signed on July 22, 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey, with UN mediation.

At the time, the agreement provided for the reopening of Ukrainian ports to the Black Sea, which would free up the flow of more than 20 million tons of grain from Ukraine. The blockade, carried out at the beginning of the conflict, caused food prices to rise globally.

The signing ceremony was attended by the Minister of Defense of Russia, Sergei Shoigu, and the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Oleksandr Kubrakov, in addition to the Secretary General of the UN (United Nations), António Guterres, and the President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan.

The agreement would expire on November 18, 2022, but under the terms, a 120-day extension would be made automatically if there were no objections from either party.


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