The work took almost 3 years to complete and will be on display to the public from May 16th to June 14th at the Philip Mold gallery

Buckingham Palace published on Tuesday (May 14, 2024) the 1st official portrait of King Charles III since he assumed the throne, in September 2022. The work was made by British artist Jonathan Yeo, who chose to represent the monarch in a uniform of the Welsh Guards, a regiment of which he has been colonel since 1975.

The 2.6 meter high by 2 meter wide painting was commissioned in 2020 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Charles’ membership of the Drapers’ Company, which funds educational initiatives among other philanthropic efforts.

The work will be exhibited to the public from May 16th to June 14th at the Philip Mold gallery in London. It will then go to Drapers’ Hall at the end of August, where it will hang alongside other portraits of the British monarchy.

The artist and the king had 4 face-to-face sessions to produce the painting, the 1st taking place in June 2021, when Charles was still Prince of Wales – heir to the throne. Yeo also used drawings and photos of the monarch to complete the work.

“This portrait has evolved as the role of the subject in our public life has transformed”, declared Yeo in a statement published by Buckingham Palace. The British artist has also painted Queen Consort Camilla and Duke Philip of Edinburgh, father of Charles and husband of Queen Elizabeth II.


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