Hamas delegation left Cairo this Thursday (7th March); Talks will resume next week

Hamas stated in a statement on Telegram that the extremist group’s delegation of negotiators left the city of Cairo, Egypt, this Thursday (7 March 2024), without an agreement for a ceasefire in the war in Gaza. He also said he would return to discussing the pause in the conflict with Israel and the release of hostages next week, during Ramadan, according to information from Associated Press.

“The Hamas delegation left Cairo today to consult with the movement’s leadership, as negotiations and efforts continue to stop the aggression, return the displaced and bring humanitarian aid to our Palestinian people,” he stated.

Members of the group arrived in the Egyptian capital on Sunday (3 March) to resume negotiations for a ceasefire in the conflict with Israel. The initiative was mediated by authorities from Qatar and Egypt.

The expectation was that a truce would be agreed during Ramadan, a holy period for Muslims that will begin on March 10 this year. But the talks failed.

Israel did not send representatives to Cairo. Israeli authorities withdrew from negotiations, arguing that Hamas had refused to provide the full list of hostages believed to be alive. The Israelis also said the extremist group did not agree to criteria established by Israel for exchanging Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/internacional/rodada-de-negociacoes-por-cessar-fogo-em-gaza-termina-sem-acordo/

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