Geert Wilders says he has government agreement in progress; country’s prime minister has not yet been defined

Dutch nationalist leader Geert Wilders announced this Wednesday (May 15, 2024) that he was close to concluding an agreement to form a more right-wing government in the Netherlands. Negotiations for the position of Prime Minister of the country began on November 22, 2023, when the Freedom Party (PVV), of which he is leader, won the elections with the highest number of votes, but needed the endorsement of the other 3 parties to form a coalition.

Due to the popularity of being anti-European Union and anti-Islam, Wilders himself was disregarded for the position. However, according to the newspaper Dutch NOSthe parties Freedom and Democracy (VVD), New Social Contract (NSC) and Citizen Farmer (BBB), appear to have reached a negotiation agreement and appointment of a member of the PVV, this Wednesday (May 15). “We have a government agreement, which is very good news”Wilders told the Dutch newspaper.

Also according to Dutch media, Wilders said that discussions will continue “later”. The final report must be delivered to the president of the country’s Chamber this Wednesday (May 15), however, the parliamentary debate on the agreement and appointment will take place next week.

“If it works, then this could be considered a historic day,” these Wilders to the Dutch broadcaster. “Being the biggest party in a cabinet is something you can only dream of as the leader of an acronym and it’s good for our voters”.

Political ideals

Born on September 6, 1963 in the city of Venlo (Netherlands), Geert Wilders began his political career in 1997, being elected to the Utrecht City Council by the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy. A year later he was elected to Parliament.

In 2002, Wilders became a spokesman for the VDD and became known for his criticism of Islam. However, the party leadership did not approve his speech.

Then, in 2004, Wilders left the VDD and created his own party: the PVV (Party for Freedom). In the elections of the same year, the party won 9 seats in Parliament. In 2010, the PVV was already the 3rd largest Dutch political force, with 24 deputies.

Wilders defende a “de-Islamization” from the Netherlands, and stated that he does not want mosques or Islamic schools in the country. According to AP Newsamong his 2023 electoral proposals, is the total suspension of the acceptance of asylum in the country and the rejection of immigrants at the borders.

Furthermore, he intends to call for a referendum on the Netherlands’ exit from the European Union, and has promised to reduce Dutch payments to the bloc and prevent the entry of any new members, including Ukraine.


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