State of Israel is an artificial work, built from the beginning with deaths, expulsions, humiliations and upheavals, writes Ricardo Melo

Note to readers: This article was written in 2014. Nothing has changed. Indeed, it only got worse. The world is one spark away from a war whose outcome no one can predict. I ask permission to reproduce it, with some updates.

There is no solution to the Middle East crisis that does not include the end of the State of Israel. The statement is proven by history itself and permanently updated. Since it was created, the Israeli government has been the protagonist of some of the greatest atrocities in history. No accident. That’s what he’s there for.

Israel was conceived in the rearrangement between the great powers that followed the Second World War. It is an artificial work, built from the beginning with deaths, expulsions, humiliations and upheavals.

Palestinians displaced and treated as 2nd class citizens never stopped fighting against oppression. Unrelenting battle. It was always, as it is today, a fight against much greater interests than the geographical extension of the region suggests. The situation in Gaza today is a true genocide.

Without American political and material support, Israel would not last two weeks. This alone explains the years and years of announced and unresolved conflicts. To the White House and its allies, the existence of Israel as a gendarme armed to the teeth is a fundamental piece in the political game of a strategic region rich in natural resources, but difficult to keep under control without the military hand of a regiment on indefinite readiness.

Gaza residents live in conditions similar to those of a body dump. There is a lack of essential medicines, food, water consumption is limited (the standard of OMS is at least 100 liters/day). Electricity? A maximum of 12 hours every 24 hours.

A HIM, central to international diplomatic hypocrisy, is limited to protocol convictions. Detail: always with the vote against of the United States, as now.

Let’s be serious: in whose favor does an organization work that sees a conflict of this size last for almost 70 years and is unable to implement any effective resolution? It’s worth remembering: during this period, financial capital, with Washington at its head and Stalinist allies as support, bordered on disrespecting international conventions.

Vietnam conflict, invasion of Panama, Dominican Republic, crushing of the Prague Spring, war in Afghanistan, coups in Latin America, Operation Condor – examples abound.

There was also the invasion of Iraq as a death certificate, among many others, of this international parlatory based in New York. The USA and Great Britain provided an unproven pretext – the proliferation of chemical weapons – to leave the country in an even more troubled situation than during the time of Saddam Hussein’s bloodthirsty dictatorship.

Is the scenario pessimistic? Of course yes. If the rules of the current system are maintained, the succession of conflicts in the Middle East will only tend to make a peaceful exit more difficult. The Palestinians are under siege, with nowhere to escape.

With each new corpse, hatred in the region grows. The civilized option would be to build a single state, in which Arabs and Jews live in harmony. Utopia? More or less. But it is preferable to bet on it, to fight for it, than to watch the indefinite and hopeless scourge.


From the window of my apartment, on the border of a shopping mall in São Paulo, Higienópolis, I see families sleeping on the corners “protected” by cardboard boxes and newspaper pages.

Behold, the next morning, when reading the news of the day, I am informed that a popular decorator fired his employee: “I sent away the employee who put a cashmere blanket in the machine”.

Whose blanket was it? From a dog named China. The description of the drama is worth a script: “A disaster has occurred. The maid put the Louis Vuitton blanket in the washing machine. It became a doormat”.

Save yourself if you can.


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