Mayor defines the situation as “distressing and complicated”; cities in the neighboring country recorded more than 300 mm of accumulated rain

Sinae (Uruguay’s National Emergency System) reported, on Wednesday night (May 8, 2024), that 1,347 people evacuated their homes due to flooding. Data from Inumet (Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology) show that some regions of the country have recorded more than 300 mm of accumulated rain since the beginning of May.

The locations that recorded the highest volume of water were the village of San Luis, in the city of Rocha, with 347 millimeters and the city of Treinta y Tres with 332.4 mm. Uruguay borders Rio Grande do Sul, which has already recorded 107 deaths and 136 missing due to rain in what is considered the worst catastrophe of its kind in the state’s history.

The mayor of the city of Treinta y Tres, Mario Silvera, gave an interview to The country and said that the number of homeless “increases every hour” and described the situation as “very distressing and complicated”. The city is approximately 519 km from Porto Alegre (RS).

Although the volume of rain has decreased, Silvera warns that the water accumulated in the sources of the Olimar River, which bathes the region, will still flow into the city.

The Olimar River was 9.60 meters above its normal height on Wednesday (May 8). According to authorities in the region, the river could reach a historic high of 10.5 meters above normal height in the coming days.

Also at the The countrythe director of Sinae, Santiago Caramés, stated that the situation in Rio Grande do Sul had an influence on Uruguay, but said he believed that “the worst has gone”.

On Wednesday night, Inumet suspended the warning for strong storms, but reinforced the need to remain vigilant for new warnings.

Print of the post from the Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology informing that it suspends the warning for strong storms


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