In North Korea since Tuesday (June 18), the Russian president said he does not rule out “military-technical cooperation” with the country

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, signed this Wednesday (June 19, 2024) an agreement with the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, which includes mutual protection in the event of an attack on one of the countries. Putin, who arrived in the country on Tuesday (June 18), stated in a speech that the agreement is “revolutionary” and said that he does not rule out “military-technical cooperation” with North Korea.

The Russian also said that his country is fighting against “hegemonic and imperialist policy” from the United States and its allies. “Russia and Korea have an independent foreign policy and do not accept blackmail from the West”Putin told journalists.

Kim Jong-un, in turn, reinforced his “unconditional support” a “all policies of Russia”, including the war in Ukraine. “I want to reaffirm that we will unconditionally and unwaveringly support all of Russia’s policies,” Kim told Putin. He also stated that the agreement signed this Wednesday is a form of defense against Western advances.

“[A Coreia do Norte] eexpresses full support and solidarity with the Russian government, army and people in carrying out a special military operation in Ukraine to protect sovereignty, security interests as well as territorial integrity”, disse Kim.

The Russian thanked: “We greatly appreciate your consistent and unwavering support for Russian policy, including the Ukrainian aspect. I am referring to our fight against the hegemonic policy imposed for decades, the imperialist policy of the United States and its allies against the Russian Federation”. The speech was recorded by the Russian state news agency RIA.

Putin makes his first visit to North Korea in more than two decades, at a time when the countries are isolated internationally. This Wednesday (June 19), he was received by a guard of honor and a crowd of civilians in Kim Il Sung Square, in the country’s capital. Afterwards, the heads of state went to Kumsusan Palace, where they signed a “comprehensive strategic partnership”.

According to Kim, relations between countries are a “engine to accelerate the construction of a new multipolar world” and is heading towards a period of “great prosperity,” said North Korea’s state news agency, KCNA.

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