The opposition says that the former president was responsible for Israel’s decision to authorize the departure of a group of Brazilians from the region; government officials counter

The president of the PT (Workers’ Party), deputy Gleisi Hoffmann (PR), criticized and called “disgusting” opposition to the government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) for attributing Israel’s decision to authorize the departure of the group of Brazilians from the Gaza Strip to former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL). Itamaraty said on Thursday (9.Nov.2023) that Brazilians would be on the list of those authorized to leave the region this Friday (10.Nov), but Egypt once again closed the country’s border with Rafah, in Palestine.

“The way Bolsonaro and his allies try to take advantage of the plight of Brazilians threatened by the massacre of the civilian population in Gaza is disgusting”said the congresswoman in her profile not X (ex-Twitter) this Friday (Nov 10). She declared that “34 Brazilian men and women, half of them children, remain stranded on the border with Egypt, and Ciro Nogueira lies that Jair Bolsonaro had negotiated their release with the Israeli ambassador in Brazil”.

The deputy stated that, “if this were true, it would be a confession that Brazilians were treated as hostages of a political articulation between Bolsonaro and the Israeli ambassador”. And he concluded: “The whole of Brazil is following our diplomatic efforts, guided by President Lula, to rescue those people. Without playing low politics with human lives”.

The president of the PP (Progressive Party), senator Ciro Nogueira (PI), had said also by X what “facts don’t lie” and would prove that Bolsonaro was responsible for negotiating the release of the Brazilians after meeting with the Israeli ambassador to Brazil, Daniel Zonshine, and opposition congressmen on Wednesday (Nov 8) in the Chamber of Deputies.

“That’s it for Brazil to come back”said Nogueira in reference to the slogan “Brazil is back” used by government officials. He congratulated the former president and declared that the “‘diplomacy’ head-butt” do PT “attacked Israel and relativized the actions of Hamas”.

Government officials respond

Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ), federal deputy, also criticized the position of the opposition. He said to be “lie” Bolsonaro’s responsibility for the release of Brazilians and stated that the decision was made thanks to Lula’s government and, “above all”Mauro Vieira, Minister of Foreign Affairs. “The genocide does not know what peace is or what it means to save lives! Don’t fall for fake news!”he declared.

Representative André Janones (Avante-MG) these that the former president “tried to spread the narrative” e “This may have hindered the negotiations”.

“Unfortunately, the politics of someone who didn’t know how to lose and continues to disrupt the country may have hindered us today.” Finally, he declared: “Lest we forget, our president is Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva!” said Janones.

The opposition to President Lula’s government, including deputies Carla Zambelli (PL-SP) and Mário Frias (PL-SP), also stated on Thursday (9.nov) that Israel’s decision to authorize the departure of the group of Brazilians in the Gaza Strip were thanks to the former president.

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