Main Republican committee, MAGA Inc. raised $93.7 million in May to support the former president’s campaign

Groups that support former President Donald Trump (Republican Party) in the presidential race are outspending groups in favor of President Joe Biden’s re-election (Democratic Party). The analysis, released this Tuesday (June 18, 2024), is from the international news agency Reuters, based on campaign finance records.

Since his nomination as the Republican candidate for the November election, Federal Election Commission records show that pro-Trump groups have spent more than US$25 millionwhile Biden’s allies shelled out around US$15 million. The election will be held in November.

Os “super PACs” (Political Action Committee, in Portuguese), independent structures that can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money, have been frequently used by both in attack television ads, aiming to influence undecided voters.

The main pro-Trump PAC, known as MAGA Inc. (in reference to the slogan Make America Great Again), reported a cash balance of US$93.7 million at the end of May, a significant increase from US$33 million at the end of April.

The Republican’s allies justified the increase in spending as a strategy to neutralize the initial advantage of Biden in fundraising. Meanwhile, the current president’s campaign reported having $84 million in cash at the end of April.

O MAGA Inc. dedicated approximately $18 million to support Trump, focusing on criticism of Biden’s immigration policies and questioning his fitness for a second term because of the president’s age.

Already the biggest “super PAC” who supports Biden, the Future Forwarddespite having US$57 million in cash at the end of April, has spent less than US$1 million since March 2024.

Democrats plan increase your spending in the final months of the campaign, following a strategy that was successful in 2020, when Biden defeated Trump.

O American Bridge 21st Centuryother “super PAC” Democrat, has already spent more than $11 million. According to the group’s president, Pat Dennis, the focus is on voters in swing states from Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Currently, both candidates are technically tied in public opinion polls, with Trump showing a slight lead in some key states.


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