On Saturday afternoon (2), protesters took over Praça Oswaldo Cruz, in the central region of São Paulo, in solidarity with the Palestinian people and against the violent actions of the State of Israel. The action occurred two days after Israeli forces opened fire on a crowd of Palestinians who gathered in Gaza City to receive humanitarian aid, this Thursday (29), killing more than a hundred people. The attack has been called the “flour massacre”.

In the words of Mohamad El-Kadri, president of the Palestine Latin Forum, “the objective of this demonstration is against the carnage that was carried out the day before yesterday. The three-month-old starving people went to look for food and were murdered by the Zionist forces of Israel. It was the height of absurd. We came here to say that this was the last straw in this genocide that is happening in Gaza and that the world has to take urgent and rapid action to put an end to it.”

The president of the forum lamented the commercial media coverage of the attacks by the army of Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, against the Gaza Strip. “No Palestinian was called to speak, and the media claims to be democratic. We want them to listen to the words of the Palestinians, to break the media siege that is being carried out around the world against the Palestinians,” he said.

Regarding the statement in which Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) compared the genocide of the Palestinian people to the Holocaust against the Jews by Nazi Germany, El-Kadri stated that the president “raised what everyone already knew, but that no one had the courage “. “He is generating a new type of debate, which is the immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid. He played a crucial role in this, and we are grateful for what he has done.”

El-Kadri also defended that Brazil and other countries in the Global South break diplomatic and commercial relations with Israel, as Bolivia has already done.

Soraya Misleh, member of the board of directors of the Institute of Arab Culture (ICArabe) and the Front in Defense of the Palestinian People, was also at the demonstration. “As Mohamad said, we are here after a historic complicity that allowed Israel to feel free to engage in ongoing genocide and very advanced ethnic cleansing in the West Bank, as well as the silencing of the occupied areas.”

In his words, despite the fact that Israel’s attacks have taken on a genocidal proportion since October last year, when Hamas seized Israeli territory, it is “75 years since the cornerstone of the formation of this genocidal and terrorist state. On May 15, 1948 began planned ethnic cleansing,” he said.

“This week we also saw the flour massacre. People around a humanitarian convoy being murdered while trying to feed themselves. There are 2.4 million Palestinians subjected to uninterrupted genocidal bombing and starvation. More than half a million are in a catastrophic situation of hunger. One in every six children is in an acute situation of malnutrition. So we immediately need to make great strides and support the Palestinian people more and more,” said Misleh.

Journalist Lia Ribeiro Dias was also present at the event to show solidarity with the Palestinian people and “protest against the genocidal state of Israel”, as she said. She also criticized media coverage of the conflict in the Middle East.

“The commercial media is very partial and does not portray the reality of the facts. It hides the massacre, it hides all of Israel’s genocidal actions, it is pro-Israeli, but it is a good thing that we have independent media, which obviously does not have the reach of the corporate media , but it creates a certain counterpoint, which balances the coverage a little.”

“It does not balance in terms of scope, but in terms of being real to what is happening there in the war in the Gaza Strip, which is a genocide. There are absolutely disproportionate forces and the Palestinians are trapped, being decimated by Israel,” he said.

In addition to São Paulo, around 100 protests around the world mark the Global Day of Action for Gaza this Saturday (2). Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Jamaica, South Africa, El Salvador, Lebanon, Hawaii, Morocco, Spain, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Canada, Sweden, the United States and Japan are among the countries where mobilizations took place.

The Palestinian Youth Movement, International Assembly of Peoples, Progressive International, ALBA Movements, Pan-Africanism Today, Via Campesina, World March of Women – Latin America, Trade Union Confederation of the Americas and International League of Popular Struggle are part of the call for protest. .

Check out some of the mobilizations around the world below.

Editing: Thalita Pires

Source: www.brasildefato.com.br

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