Prince of Wales went to the presentation in London accompanied by George and Charlotte; turned 42 years old on Friday (June 21)

Prince William celebrated his 42nd birthday at American singer Taylor Swift’s concert on Friday (June 21, 2024). The concert was at Wembley Stadium, in London (United Kingdom). The prince was accompanied by his 2 eldest children, George, 10 years old, and Charlotte, 9 years old.

On his Instagram profile, William shared a photo alongside his children and the singer. Thank you Taylor for “exellent night”.

The singer also released a photo with her boyfriend, American football player Travis Kelce, William, George and Charlotte. “Happy birthday M8 [mate, parceiro]! The London shows started splendidly”declared the artist.

A user shared an alleged video of Prince William and Princess Charlotte singing the song on their TikTok profile. “Shake it Off” during Taylor’s performance.

@kkinldn Shake it off Prince William #princewilliam #erastourtaylorswift #erastour #whiteclawuk ♬ original sound – KK


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