The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, presented this Tuesday (9) recordings from the internal circuit of the country’s embassy in Quito at the time it was invaded by Ecuadorian police forces last Friday.

The images show former Ecuadorian vice-president Jorge Glas being attacked, while the head of the chancellery, Roberto Canseco, is also detained and attacked by Ecuadorian police officers. “We will not remain silent. There is a campaign against me promoted by local and international conservative groups”, declared the Mexican president at a press conference this Tuesday morning (9).

Ecuador police officers used force to invade and arrest former Ecuadorian vice president Jorge Glas, who had been taking refuge there since December. The invasion occurred on the same day that Mexico granted political asylum to Glas, a decision that deepened diplomatic tension between the two countries.

Lopez Obrador highlighted this Tuesday that Mexico will present a formal complaint against Ecuador to the International Court due to the violation of Glas’ political asylum.

Also this Tuesday (9), former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa asked for a “strong response” from the European Union and the rest of the international community with “political pressure” so that the Ecuadorian government gives safe passage to former vice-president Jorge Glas . Correa stated that Glas’ life “is in danger” and that his human rights were “violated”.

Impeachment request

The representative of the Citizen Revolution Movement and former Ecuadorian presidential candidate, Andrés Arauz, announced this Tuesday (9) that he will present a request for impeachment against President Daniel Noboa for the kidnapping of former vice-president Jorge Glas.

“We hope that when legal actions are initiated against the government of Ecuador, the facts will be identified so that President Noboa is directly responsible and that the Ecuadorian people will not have to pay the consequences of this act of arbitrariness and flagrant violation of international law and humanitarian”, said Arauz in an interview with Telesur.

The former presidential candidate stated that the Citizen Revolution Movement holds President Daniel Noboa responsible for the life, physical integrity and health of Jorge Glas and stated that the party will register as opposition to the Noboa government, in accordance with the Ecuadorian Electoral Law.

Arauz indicated that the topic will also be discussed by the Organization of American States (OAS), the UN Security Council and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), which called on the region’s foreign ministers to discuss sanctions on Ecuador in the next Friday (12).

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez condemned this at a virtual CELAC meeting on Monday (8), where he denounced “the abuse of Mexican sovereignty, which could set a very serious precedent and endanger international relations and cooperation between States.”

“It is a serious, unacceptable fact that does not admit any justification. We defend the force of the Law. Latin America and the Caribbean are and must continue to be a Zone of Peace, as CELAC proclaimed in Havana ten years ago. We reiterate solidarity and support for President Lopez Obrador and his government, for Alicia Barcena [chanceler mexicana] and to the dear Mexican people.”, Rodriguez posted on his official profile on X this Tuesday (9).

Glas defense accuses political arrest

After being removed from the embassy, ​​Jorge Glas was taken to La Roca prison. The politician linked to the Citizen Revolution was hospitalized at the Naval Hospital in Guayaquil on Monday (8), but was discharged and taken back to prison this Tuesday (9).

In an official statement, the National Comprehensive Service for Adults Deprived of Liberty and Adolescent Offenders (Sinai) said that after undergoing a period of observation, he was medically discharged. “According to assessments carried out, at the moment, the citizen presents acceptable health parameters and within a normal range, so he can receive the corresponding medical discharge.”

In a press conference this Monday (8) at a hotel in Guayaquil, Glas’ defense team, made up of six lawyers, stated that they were not allowed to communicate with the prisoner and said that he is a political prisoner. Glas’ defense presented a request for habeas corpus, which will be evaluated by three judges from the Family, Children and Adolescent Chamber of the National Court.

Editing: Rodrigo Durão Coelho


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