Protesters try to prevent police action at the University of California; Clashes have already led to the arrest of some of the students

Police in riot gear began in the early hours of this Thursday (May 2, 2024) to dismantle a pro-Palestine camp at UCLA (acronym in English for University of California at Los Angeles), in the USA. The educational institution declared, on Tuesday (April 30), that the camps were illegal.

Images recorded at the scene and published on social media profiles show agents removing objects such as cones and metal barriers while protesters tried to prevent the action from progressing. There were detainees, but the number was not released by the police.

According to the newspaper The New York Times, the barricade that protected the camp no longer exists. In its place is a line of students who are arm in arm and shout phrases like: “Don’t attack students”.

Watch (3min14s):

UCLA called the Los Angeles police on Wednesday (May 1) to contain clashes between camped protesters (pro-Palestinian) and pro-Israel protesters.

In the confusion, fireworks and objects such as metal fences were fired at people camped at the university. Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass these on Wednesday (May 1st) that “the violence that unfolded” by UCLA “It is absolutely abominable and inexcusable”.

Count of The New York Times indicates that more than 1,300 protesters have been detained on US campuses in the last two weeks, when pro-Palestinian demonstrations at US universities began.

Prisoners in Columbia

Some of the arrests took place at Columbia University, in New York. The acts at the educational institution, which began on April 18, triggered protests in other locations.

Police officers arrested dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters in Columbia on Tuesday night (April 30). The agents entered Hamilton Hall, the institution’s building that had been occupied by protesters, and dispersed the people who were camping on the university’s lawns.

The educational institution said it called police for the second time in less than two weeks after Hamilton Hall was “vandalized and blocked”. The president of the university (a position that in Brazil is equivalent to that of dean), Minouche Shafik, asked that the New York police remain on campus until May 17th to avoid new camps or occupations.


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