Journalistic Investigation Deforestation Inc. was coordinated by ICIJ with 39 international partners and 140 journalists

O Poder360 reveals on Wednesday (1.Mar.2023), starting at 2 pm, the result of an international investigation into the failures of companies that certify wood in the Amazon and Southeast Asia.

In this case, the wood from deforestation is sold as if it were from forest management because of these problems, in a process called “green wash”.

The investigation, dubbed Deforestation Inc. (Desmatamento S/A in free translation into Portuguese), was coordinated by the ICIJ (International Consortium for Investigative Journalists, or International Consortium of Investigative Journalists).

ICIJ is a not-for-profit organization based in Washington DC that has worked on high-impact projects such as the Pandora Papers, Panama Papers and Swiss Leaks. O Poder360 is one of ICIJ’s Brazilian partners, along with magazine Piauí it’s at Agency public.

The investigation into companies that certify illegal wood involved 39 international partners and 140 journalists.


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