Dina Boluarte is investigated for alleged corruption; She is accused of receiving jewelry from the governor to perform “acts appropriate to her position”

Peru’s MP (Public Ministry) filed a constitutional complaint against the country’s president, Dina Boluarte, for alleged passive corruption to the detriment of the State. She is accused of failing to declare luxury jewelry and watches. The episode became known as “Rolexgate”.

In a statement released on Monday night (May 27, 2024), the Peruvian agency cited items received by Boluarte from the governor of Ayacucho, Wilfredo Oscorima. Among them, 3 Rolex watches, a pair of gold rings with diamonds and a bracelet with 94 diamonds. The jewelry and watches would be for Boluarte “perform acts typical of his position as President of the Republic”.

The president’s residence and the Government Palace of Peru were search and seizure targets on the night of March 29th and the morning of March 30th. In a statement published after the operation, the Public Ministry stated that the action was carried out by order of the Supreme Court of Peru. “Therefore, it is ruled out [a alegação] that our operation was illegitimate, unconstitutional and abusive”these.

The agency declared that, during the searches, the valuable objects were not found and the president did not hand them over, even though it was requested. “However, other elements of interest for the investigation were obtained”said the Peruvian MP, without giving details.

At the time, Boluarte called the operation “disproportionate and abusive”. Shortly afterwards, on April 7, she said that the luxury watches belonged to the governor of the district of Ayacucho and had been a “mistake having accepted them on loan”. Regarding the jewelry, the Peruvian president declared that “everything they said is false”.

According to the newspaper Trade, Boluarte’s lawyer, Juan Carlos Portugal, indicated that he will request the investigation be archived. He argued that the 60 days established by law for preliminary investigations of senior State officials, including presidents of the Republic, have already elapsed.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/internacional/mp-do-peru-apresenta-denuncia-contra-presidente-por-rolexgate/

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