Former IRS employee Charles Littlejohn shared Trump data with the New York Times

Charles Littlejohn, a former United States IRS employee, was sentenced this Monday (29 January 2024) to 5 years in prison. The penalty is a consequence of the unauthorized sharing, in 2020, of former US President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

According to published data, Republican Donald Trump did not file an income tax return in 10 of the 15 years before being elected president in 2016. The data was published in a report by New York Times.

During the trial of the case, federal prosecutors argued that Littlejohn’s actions were politically motivated and put citizens’ private information at risk. The defendant countered by saying that he thought he was acting in the best interest of society.

In addition to exposing the Republican’s tax returns, the former IRS (Internal Revenue Service) employee released more than 8,000 statements from 7,600 different people.

Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida also had his data leaked. He said Littlejohn only exposed information because it involved people “rich” or because they are “Republicans”.


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