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The new president of Paraguay, Santiago Peña, took office this Tuesday (15) with the presence of president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and other colleagues from Latin America. In his speech, Penã announced support for the peace initiative led by Lula for the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and defended the sovereignty of countries in the region in the agreement between the European Union and Mercosur.

The economist became the 51st president of the country and the 10th since redemocratization, in 1989. With a liberal doctrine, Penã promised to decentralize public services, strengthening local administrations (town halls and provinces).

“I believe in an effective state. Efficient but limited in size and management. I believe in the State that firmly guarantees private property. But that fights for the same firmness so that every citizen can get their private property”, said Penã.

The new president compared the war in Paraguay (1864-1870) with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and promised not to be absent from the discussion. “Paraguay will not be absent in the fight for peace in every corner of the planet. Included in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Today Ukraine is suffering the same fate as Paraguay during the Great War, when we faced our neighbors. We were invaded by major powers and as a result we lost 60% of our territory and 90% of the male population”, continued the president.

Penã announced support for the peace initiative led by Lula to stop the war. “We believe in dialogue and not in force as a mechanism for resolving disputes. With humility and a great deal of conviction, we are involved in this conflict to promptly end military actions, preventing further civilian casualties. We support the peace initiatives promoted by Brazil, a sister country and strategic ally, as well as the initiative of Pope Francis”, added Peña.


At another time, without mentioning the agreement between Mercosur and the European Union, Peña stated that he will continue negotiating with the world respecting without compromising Paraguay’s sovereignty.

“We negotiate and will continue to negotiate with the world, without compromising our sovereignty, territory, values ​​or culture. Our foreign policy is based on respect for national interests, effective diplomacy, promotion of trade and investment, training, national security and the promotion of our values ​​and interests in the international field”, he declared.

Latino colleagues attend Peña’s inauguration

President Santiago Peña’s inauguration ceremony was attended by some South American presidents and other countries. Lula arrived in Asuncion this Monday afternoon (14) and had a meeting with the new Paraguayan president. Lula presented Peña with a Corinthians shirt autographed by Paraguayan player Ángel Romero.

At the inauguration ceremony, Lula was present along with presidents Alberto Fernández (Argentina), Luis Arce (Bolivia), Gabriel Boric (Chile) and Luis Lacalle Pou (Uruguay). Peña also did not fail to invite the liberal group that governed Paraguay’s neighbors. Former presidents Maurício Macri (Argentina), Sebastian Piñera (Chile) and Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera (Uruguay) and Julio Maria Sanguinetti (Uruguay) were invited.


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