First Communist Party of China Front | Photo: publicity

The PCdoB delegation, which is part of President Lula’s delegation traveling to China, took advantage of their schedule in Shanghai this Thursday (13) to visit the house where the Chinese Communist Party (PCC) was founded.

On the occasion, federal deputies Daniel Almeida, Jandira Feghali and Renildo Calheiros had the opportunity to learn about local history and learn more about the founding of the party that has governed China since October 1949.

It is “socialism with Chinese characteristics”, wrote federal deputy Renildo Calheiros on social media.

In the same publication, Renildo spoke briefly about the second largest political party in the world – behind only the Indian People’s Party (Bharatiya Janata Party – BJP), from India. “In this house in Shanghai, in July 1921, the Chinese Communist Party was founded. At that congress Chen Dixiu, Professor of Beijing University, was elected as the first general secretary of the CPC. The Congress had 12 delegates and the CCP had only 50 members. The PCC currently has 91.59 million members, it is the second largest political party in the world,” he continued.

“Most populous country on the planet, with 1.4 billion inhabitants, under the command of the PCC, 850 million Chinese have left the poverty line, the greatest process of social ascension in human history. 653 million – triple the population of Brazil – emigrated to the cities, the country has become the second largest economy on the planet and is a very strong candidate for the greatest power in the world”, he concluded.

Deputy Daniel Almeida, who is also president of the Brazil-China Parliamentary Friendship Group, said that the construction of the headquarters of the PCC “is based on a democratic and open discussion on policy in pursuit of maintaining the agreed policies.”

The entourage that accompanies president Lula to China comprises around 73 members of the government, including governors, ministers, congressmen and union leaders.



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