Censorship hid a possible cancer-causing agent in the vaccine from the majority, writes Paula Schmitt

Among all the evidence of intellectual decline that we observe in real time, few compare to the subcognitive insanity of those who defend censorship. It seems unbelievable, but there are people who, even as adults, have failed to understand that censorship is the most pernicious characteristic of a tyranny, because it is the faculty that ensures its existence.

Censorship protects tyrants because it shields them from the greatest and most legitimate weapon of control: popular reaction. Censorship doesn’t just protect tyranny – it is crucial to its genesis. It is what helps transform an elected government into a dictatorship, because that is what happens when the people grant power that can no longer be questioned, criticized or taken back.

Censorship distorts reality because it prohibits the media from making honest criticism, and thus creates a fantasy world in which what you see on TV does not exist in real life, and inflation has increased but you need to understand “how good is this”.

The media is the counterweight created to keep the government under surveillance, which is why it is known as the Fourth Estate rather than the warehouse assistant. But once a country’s media is bought, threatened and subjugated (and that’s very easy to do when the biggest media outlets are owned by a handful of families, all in part funded by tax dollars), the target of tyranny becomes the common citizen. If an anonymous guy can reach millions with a message on social media, tyranny demands that every ordinary citizen be treated as a criminal, and every truth be a pre-crime.

The greatest purpose of censorship, however, is not to stop someone from speaking – it is to stop millions from listening. Today’s article will show something that censorship hid from millions of people, a fact that is mandatory knowledge: according to report from the newspaper The Epoch Times, made from documents acquired via the Access to Information Law, the vaccine that millions were forced to take came with an ingredient not revealed by the manufacturers, nor by their partners in the media. The secret ingredient is SV40, or simian virus.

This fact – hypothesized, debated and investigated by hundreds of biologists, doctors, geneticists and other experts during the pandemic – was obliterated from reality, eliminated from social media, and the profiles that published such information were taken down, one after the other.

The presence of the SV40 sequence in vaccines was only confirmed now, when it is already too late, because a court order sent to public health bodies in Canada allowed access to a terrifying email exchange. In these emails, a senior Canadian public health official admits that there was a conscious and purposeful decision by Pfizer to hide the presence of the SV40 simian virus sequence in its vaccines. This information, second o The Epoch Timeswas repeated in several other emails not only with Canada, but also with the FDAfrom the USA, and EMA (European Medicines Agency).

“I understand that there have been internal discussions at CBER (Center for Biological Evaluation and Research) regarding the presence of a sequence that enhances and promotes SV40, and noting that such presence is unrelated to the purpose of the Pfizer plasmid as a transcription template for its covid-19 mRNA vaccine”. The person who wrote this sentence was none other than Dean Smith, the senior scientific evaluator at CBER at Health Canada.

Dean is also president of a powerful lobby group “non-profit”a Iabs (International Alliance for Biological Standardization, its acronym in English), based in Switzerland, founded in 1955 and responsible for “to improve the quality and regulation of biological products of human and animal origin, IABS has members in more than 50 countries”. The organization’s website describes Dean Smith as someone with “more than 20 years of regulatory science experience in support of vaccine development, manufacturing and quality control”.

Well, look how interesting, this vaccine quality control genius failed to inform the public about this unusual ingredient in Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines. And he knew it, because the emails showed what he wrote:

“Pfizer recently communicated to us that they have apparently chosen not to mention this information [sobre o SV40 nas vacinas] to EMA, FDA and HC (Health Canada) when they started vaccine registration or after.”

People like me, who chose to dispense with the press cartel during the pandemic and go straight to the source of experts, had already known about SV40 for years, right at the beginning of vaccination. One of the most insistent – ​​and most reputable – sources on this subject is Kevin McKernana specialist in genetic biology who has a CV that would be the envy of Atilas and Paspalhaks who repeated the same message written by advertising agencies for the press cartel, financed by the pharmaceutical industry (remembering that, in the USA, more than 70% of the source of all television advertising came from the pharmacy, as a tale here).

Kevin went “just” the chief researcher of sequencing project of the human genome organized by WITH (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

If you do a search on Google and Duckduckgo for the Epoch Times, you probably won’t find it. I searched for almost an hour, and only managed to find one link of the article on X (formerly Twitter), not coincidentally the favorite target of the censorship industrial complex.

What I found on search engines was the opposite: hundreds of articles “check” who were trying to debunk an argument that they didn’t even allow to be made. In other words, articles defending the theory of SV40 in vaccines were not published, but in case you found one in a censorship-free oasis, the official internet guarantees that you will be bombarded with all kinds of refutations. One of them is the refutation of the Lupa Agencyalso known as Agência Lumpem or Umpalumpa.

In this article, the agency lies about the conclusions of a study that it cites, perhaps confident that its readers do not have the intellect or curiosity necessary to check the information in the cited source. The question in this case is whether or not SV40 causes cancer. There are several studies that claim that it causes it. One of them is this onewhich concludes that “The data suggests there may be an increase in the incidence of some cancers among the 98 million people exposed to the contaminated polio vaccine [com o SV40]. Further investigation is clearly warranted.”.

Another study that shows a possible correlation between SV40, which we now know is in the Pfizer vaccine, and the increase in cancer is It isexcept not Archive. He concludes that “SV40 is significantly associated with some types of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. These results add lymphomas to the cancer types associated with SV40.”.

Note: “adds lymphomas to the types already associated with SV40. But look what Lumpen did. She went after exactly one article that talks about types of cancer not associated with SV40 and she lies, omitting the types of cancer. See the comparison.

Here the text from the “check”:

“Another scientific article, published in 1998 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), shows that, after more than 30 years of follow-up, exposure to poliovirus vaccine contaminated with SV40 was not associated with significantly increased rates of poliovirus cases. cancer in the United States.”

But when will you read the original articlea conclusion of scientists is quite different:

“After more than 30 years of follow-up, exposure to SV40-contaminated poliovirus vaccine has not been associated with significantly increased rates of ependymomas and other brain cancers, osteosarcomas, or mesotheliomas in the United States.”

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/opiniao/a-censura-os-macacos-obedientes-e-o-virus-simio-sv40/

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