Image: QudsNen

Last weekend, around 200 bodies were found in a mass grave in the Nasser medical complex, in Khan Younis, in the Gaza Strip. The news shocks the brutality in the treatment of Palestinian bodies, including children, young people and women. As if the violence of the excessive war waged by Israel, which mostly affects the civilian population, was not enough, torture and execution are suspected in these deaths.

The bodies were found by Palestinian medical teams. According to the network Al Jazeerathe victims bore signs of execution and were buried by Israeli steamrollers.

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For the Agency AFPCivil Defense spokesman Mahmoud Bassal, who participated in the rescue, said the bodies were without clothes, which could indicate imprisonment, torture and ill-treatment.

The discovery was only made as the Palestinian people can return to Khan Younis after the withdrawal of Israeli troops. However, the city is destroyed like its main hospital, Nasser, where the victims were.

The destruction of the Nasser hospital, in the south, as well as Al-Shifa, in the north, the two main ones in Gaza, increased the chaos in the region. Israel’s justification for the attack on the sites was that they served as a hiding place for members of Hamas. Near Al-Shifa, a mass grave with around 400 bodies was also found the previous week.


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