The owner of the platform commented on an internet user’s publication about the Australian Court’s decision

Businessman Elon Musk said this Saturday (May 11, 2024) that only X, the social network he owns, is against “censor voice” of user. The statement was made in a Publication on the platform where the billionaire comments on a post about a decision by eSafety (Australian Electronic Security Commission, in Portuguese).

At the end of April, the Commission requested the worldwide blocking of videos published on social media that showed an attack on a bishop in the country, which took place on April 15.

An internet user published a charge in which platforms like Facebook and Instagram follow a path of “control”, while X is on the road “freedom of expression”. The user completed the post by saying that eSafety’s lawyer had said that “other platforms, like Meta, quickly removed content when requested”.

Musk shared the post and wrote: “Only X resisted censoring his voice”.

Musk has criticized decisions by authorities, including STF (Supreme Federal Court) minister Alexandre de Moraes, for allegedly restricting freedom of expression. He accused the “censorship actions against elected representatives” made by the minister of violating the laws of Brazil.

Elon Musk and Alexandre de Moraes had a clash in April, when the owner of X asked why the minister “No Brazil demands so much censorship”. Musk’s comment followed accusations made by American journalist Michael Shellenberger, author of Twitter Files Brazil, on April 3. According to Shellenberger, the minister has “led a case of widespread repression of freedom of expression in Brazil”.

The following day, Moraes ordered the opening of an investigation to investigate Musk’s conduct. The magistrate asked for an investigation into possible obstruction of justice, “including criminal organization and incitement to crime”.

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