More than 30% said they did not know who they would like to see in office after the war in a survey by the Israel Democracy Institute

A survey by IDI (Israel Democracy Institute) showed that only 15% of Israelis said they wanted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to remain in office after the end of the war against Hamas in Gaza. The data was released this Tuesday (January 2, 2024).

Still according to the survey, 30.5% of those interviewed responded that they did not want to “nobody” or did not know how to answer. Another 8% did not give a name for who they want to see in the position and 4% said they want to see “anyone except Benjamin Netanyahu”.

Among the possible names to assume the position of Prime Minister of Israel, 23% of those interviewed said they preferred Benny Gantz, leader of the Israeli opposition party National Unity. The current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was mentioned by 15% of those interviewed.

The survey also showed that there is no other name consolidated on the right that could replace Netanyahu as prime minister after the war with Hamas: the Minister of Internal Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, was mentioned by 1.5%.


Those interviewed in the survey also expressed their opinions on the war between Israel and Hamas. When asked about the “best way to achieve the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas”the majority (56%) said that it is necessary to continue the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) attack to free the hostages.

Another 24% of respondents said the best option would be to release all Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.


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