A group of just over 20 progressive organizations from New York announced this Thursday (07/12) the creation of a front to defend the Palestinian cause and demand the end of United States financial and military support for Israel, amid one of the most lethal military operations carried out by the country against the Palestinian territory of the Gaza Strip.

The coalition intends to make its debut on the streets this Friday (08/12), in the financial heart of the United States, close to the famous Wall Street, in a demonstration that calls not only for the end of North American support for Tel Aviv as well as a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

Entre as entidades envolvidas estão Palestinian Youth Movement, People’s Forum, ANSWER Coalition, Al-Awda NY, Palestinian American Community Center, Nodutdol, Dissenters, Anakbayan Manhattan, SALAM, Bangladeshi Americans for Political Progress, American Muslims for Palestine, Jews Against White Supremacy, Mexicanos Unidos, CUNY For Palestine, Young Communist League, CUNY Law SJP, Audre Lorde Project, Damayan, Defend Democracy in Brazil e No Tech For Apartheid.

The protest comes a week after Israel resumed bombings against the Palestinian territory of the Gaza Strip, which was interrupted by a five-day truce, thanks to an agreement reached through mediation by the governments of Egypt and Qatar.

“People of conscience have watched in horror over the past two months as politicians have callously ignored the demands of broad sectors of American society for a ceasefire and continued to pledge full political and economic support to Israel. However, our strength on the streets has forced them to make important concessions and we will keep up the pressure until the US government has no choice but to stop funding the Israeli war machine,” said Layan Fuleihan of The People’s Forum. who participated in the formation of the pro-Palestinian coalition.

The front of progressive organizations is calling on the New York population to take part in the event on December 8th by spreading the hashtag #ShutItDown4Palestine on social media.

Some of the entities supporting the act also announced that they will hold marches this Friday, leaving universities and community centers in the city.

“As winter sets in in Gaza and temperatures drop, the suffering of the nearly two million displaced people will only get worse. We refuse to abandon our Palestinian brothers and sisters who continue to resist and remain in their lands against all odds. We will not allow our tax money to finance this unacceptable suffering”, commented Munir Marwan, from the Palestinian Youth Movement.

For more information about this Friday’s Global Shutdown for Palestine and a list of planned actions, simply visit the website: shutitdown4palestine.org.

Source: www.brasildefato.com.br

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