Seoul asked residents not to touch the objects and to report to the police or army if they saw anything.

North Korea again sent balloons with garbage to South Korea this Saturday (June 1, 2024). Seoul asked residents not to touch balloons “identified in the sky near the city” and to inform the police or the Army of the presence of the objects. The information is from the newspaper Guardian.

Pyongyang ja had sent on May 29, more than 150 balloons filled with feces and trash were sent to South Korea. According to Seoul, this was a response to leaflets also sent in balloons by activists opposed to Kim Jong-un’s government to North Korean territory.

Seoul classified the acts as “low level” and South Korea’s Ministry of Unification warned that the government would take action if North Korea did not stop such provocations “irrational”.

South Korea’s military has said it has no plans to shoot down the balloons due to concerns about causing damage or the possibility that they contain dangerous substances. Firing balloons near the border would also risk triggering retaliation from the North.

“We decided it was best to let the balloons fall and recover them safely.”said Lee Sung Joon, spokesman for South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.


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