According to information from the NY Times, the US government says that flying objects may have commercial purposes.

Os USA stated on this Tuesday (14.Feb.2023) that they have no evidence that the 3 flying objects shot down by the Armed Forces of the country since Friday (10.Feb.2023) are of Chinese origin. According to the government, there is a possibility that UFOs (unidentified flying objects) have commercial purposes. The information is from the newspaper New York Times.

So far, the US government has shot down flying objects in Alaska, Lake Huron, between the state of Michigan and the province of Ontario, and in Canada.

US spokesman John F. Kirby these on Monday (Feb 13) that the origin and purpose of the flying equipment had not yet been identified and there was no evidence that the objects shot down were related to the alleged Chinese balloon.

On the morning of this Tuesday (Feb 14), the United States recovered equipment who were in the Chinese balloon knocked down on February 4 by US military personnel, including “all priority sensors and electronic parts, as well as large parts of the structure.”

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is analyzing the newly found parts of the object.

The overthrow triggered a new wave of diplomatic tension between the US and China. The White House has accused the Chinese government of invading US airspace for espionage purposes. China said the object was a “chinese airship” used for meteorological purposes and had its trajectory altered by wind currents.

According to the Pentagon, the balloon entered US territory through Alaska and traveled a diagonal trajectory across the US at an altitude of 60,000 feet (about 18,000 meters high) until it was shot down on the coast of South Carolina. After the downfall of the object, the USA announced that it also shot down UFOs that flew over Alaska and Lake Huron, in Michigan, in addition to one in Canadian territory.

O 1st episode took place on the 6th (10.feb), in Alaska. Then, on Saturday (Feb 11), US and Canadian forces shot down another unidentified object that was flying over Yukon, territory in Canadian Northwest, 160 km from the border of the 2 countries.

On Sunday (Feb 12), another object was shot down while flying over Lake Huron, between the State of Michigan, in the USA, and the province of Ontario, in Canada. All procedures were carried out under the order of US President Joe Biden.

Also on Sunday, the Uruguayan Air Force announced that it had opened investigations into the alleged presence of an unidentified flying object in the region of Paysandú, 160 km from the capital Montevideo.

China said on Sunday (Feb 12) that it spotted a UFO flying over the sea near the city of Rizhao, in the east of the country. On Monday (Feb 13), the spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Wenbin, said that US balloons flew over Chinese airspace “without the approval of Chinese authorities” more than 10 times since January 2022.

Read the chronology of events and also the escalation of tensions between the US and China over the flying objects.


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