American company has 9 teams wearing their uniforms and could have a double presence in the final

Nike is, by far, the sportswear company that will have the greatest visibility during Euro 2024. In total, the brand manufactures uniforms for 9 teams that will participate in the championship, being able to participate in 64.71% of the championship matches. The information is from the website Sportcal.

The Euro Cup started on Friday (June 14) and the host country is Germany. It is estimated that the championship has an accumulated audience of 5.2 billion people. Nike outspends its competitors, and therefore will have greater visibility during its duration.

According to Globaldata, the American company spends US$132.9 million per year – more than US$20 million more than its biggest competitor, Adidas, which spends US$112.3 million per year. According to FIFA estimates, the Nike logo could appear in 33 matches, and could even appear on both teams in the final on July 14th.

See the number of selections by manufacturer:

  1. Nike – 9 selections;
  2. Adidas – 6 selections;
  3. Puma – 4 selections;
  4. Joma – 2 selections;
  5. Macron – 2 selections; It is
  6. Hummel – 1 selection.


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