“NYT” rated performance as lower than usual; “WSJ” said Democrat’s “age problem” overshadowed political debate

United States President Joe Biden’s gaffes during the 1st presidential debate did not go unnoticed by the international media. The main vehicles negatively highlighted the Democrat’s poor performance against Donald Trump.

During the debate promoted by CNN on Thursday (June 27, 2024), the 81-year-old president seemed to ramble at various times. He also had an apparent irritation in his throat that caused him to cough and clear his throat several times.

When answering some questions, Biden would get stuck and forget, for a few moments, what he was going to say. For analysts at CNNperformance in the debate shows the fragility and the Democrat’s inability to lead the country for another 4 years.

Already the New York Times described Biden’s debate performance as weaker than usual, but said the Democrat did a good job of describing some of his accomplishments.

The analysts of the Washington Post consider that “the first few minutes of the debate were brutal for Biden” and that the result was frustrating for Democratic advisers.

O Wall Street Journal wrote that Biden introduced himself “as the Democrats feared” and that your “age problem” overshadows the political debate. He said that, in the meantime, Trump “atypically managed to maintain his composure”.

Here is the analysis of other vehicles:

  • Politicostates what “Democrats are panicking” with Biden’s performance and fear the debate will scare away his top campaign funders.

  • Financial Timesit says that Biden “stumbled through a whole ill-tempered debate”. Highlights an improvement of the president in the last block and a growing “indiscipline” of Trump, but says those moments were rare.

  • USA Today – headlined report with the title “Democratic panic”. states what “the highlight of the night” was when Biden “it seemed to freeze”.

  • New York Post – em editorial entitled “We just witnessed the end of Joe Biden’s presidency”says the Democrat “didn’t look old”but yes “old” e “empty”and that is “a political negligence” keep it in contention;

  • Los Angeles Timesit says that candidates “they beat each other up” in a “controversial opening” of the debates. It states that commentators “yearn for a debate with real substance”.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/internacional/jornais-destacam-desempenho-fraco-de-biden-em-debate/

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