A new ABC poll with the Washington Post, released over the weekend, has Joe Biden’s campaign on alert. According to the survey, Donald Trump appears with 52% of voting intentions against just 42% for Biden.

The poll was widely reported by Republicans. FOX News, the spokesperson for American conservatives, highlighted the fact that the Washington Post, which supported Biden in the 2020 elections, stated that the survey itself was an “outlier”.

In fact, no other survey carried out by relevant institutes and media has reached such a large difference. FOX News showed Trump with 48% to Biden’s 46%. The CNN poll placed Trump one percentage point ahead of the current president: 47% against 46%. The Wall Street Journal showed a tie, both with 46%.

Not a good scenario for Joe Biden

Even though the result appears skewed, the trend is what worries Democrats most. Trump has been growing in national polls and Biden’s approval does not help him. More than 3 in 5 Democrats, or independents who lean Democratic, would prefer another name be chosen for the 2024 election.

Currently, the president’s approval rating is 40.9% in the average poll, 0.2 percentage points less than Trump in the same period during his term. In fact, it is the lowest approval rating in the same period since Jimmy Carter, the last Democrat who failed to be re-elected while in the White House.

The research reveals that inflation may be the main reason for the population’s discontent with the government. When asked “if the price of gasoline and energy are good”, 87% say it is not very good or bad. In the case of food prices, this number rises to 91%. The slogan “Bidenomics”, to extol the results of the economy, does not seem to be connecting with the electorate.

Another point that has been a problem for the current government is immigration: 62% of those interviewed said they disapproved of the Biden government’s actions in dealing with the immigration situation on the United States border with Mexico.

Editing: Patrícia de Matos

Source: www.brasildefato.com.br

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