An Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip left at least 11 dead and 50 injured this Friday (1st). Israeli forces attacked a tent housing Palestinians who fled northern Gaza, near the entrance to a hospital in the city of Rafah, according to the Health Ministry.

The attacks occurred a day after Israel opened fire on hundreds of Palestinians who were receiving food from humanitarian aid convoys in Gaza, last Thursday (29). The director of al-Awda Hospital told Al Jazeera that 80% of the wounded taken to the hospital were shot.

In total, 115 Palestinians died and 760 were injured. According to Gaza-based journalist Khadeer Al Za’anoun, working for the CNN, Many of the victims died after being run over by aid trucks as they tried to escape Israel’s attack. “Most of the people killed were run over by aid trucks during the chaos and while trying to escape Israeli gunfire,” he told the broadcaster.

Since October 7, when Hamas attacked Israel, at least 30,320 people have been killed and 71,533 injured in Israeli attacks on Gaza. The death toll in Israel is 1,139, almost all on the first day of the Hamas attacks on October 7.

Demonstrations against Israel

This Saturday (2), protests around the world mark the Global Day of Action for Gaza. Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Jamaica, South Africa, El Salvador, Lebanon, Hawaii, Morocco, Spain, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Canada, Sweden, the United States and Japan are among the countries where there will be mobilizations.

In São Paulo, the Front in Defense of the Palestinian People and other organizations from Brazilian Arab and Muslim society will hold the event this Saturday (2), at 2 pm, at Praça Osvaldo Cruz. In Ribeirão Preto, the demonstration takes place at 10am at Praça XV, in Fortaleza (CE) at 10am at Praça do Ferreira, and in Salvador (BA) the event also takes place at 10am at Farol da Barra. In Porto Alegre at 3pm at Arco da Redenção and in Brasília at Esplanada dos Ministérios.

The Palestinian Youth Movement, International Assembly of Peoples, Progressive International, ALBA Movements, Pan-Africanism Today, Via Campesina, World March of Women – Latin America, Trade Union Confederation of the Americas and International League of Popular Struggle are part of the call for protest. .

The organizers highlight that Israel’s attack on humanitarian aid convoys, last Thursday (29), made the mobilization for an armistice even more necessary. “The moment is urgent – ​​and we must show up with full force to demand an immediate ceasefire,” emphasized the Party for Socialism and Liberation of the United States in its call for protests.

Editing: Thalita Pires


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