Due to the strong heat wave in the northwest of the country, local authorities imposed water rationing in the capital

The capital of India, New Delhi, recorded the highest temperature ever documented in the city, reaching 49.9º C this Wednesday (May 29, 2024). Because of the intensity of the heat, the government established rationing of drinking water, as announced by local authorities.

The record surpasses the previous mark of 49.2 ºC, observed in May 2022 in the suburb of Mungeshpur. The same region reached 52.9º C, but the IMD (Indian Meteorological Department, in Portuguese) stated that the record may be inaccurate due to a sensor error or a local factor. Here is the full statement, in English (PDF – 235 kB).

Senior Indian government minister Atishi Marlena Singh confirmed water rationing in the capital. “Some parts of Delhi that received water twice a day will only get water once a day.”he said in an interview with journalists .

The IMD said that the heat wave is expected to subside in a maximum of 3 days. Temperatures will drop due to rain and winds coming from the Arabian Sea towards northwest India.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/meio-ambiente/nova-delhi-na-india-atinge-recorde-de-calor-e-marca-499-c/

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