Prime Minister of Israel carried out the operation on Sunday (30 March); health problem was identified in a routine examination

The office of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, 74 years old, stated this Monday (April 1, 2024) that the Israeli leader’s surgery to remove a hernia was successful. According to information from the Times of Israelthe doctor responsible for the procedure, Alon Pikarsky, said that Netanyahu is already awake and recovering.

The condition was identified in the prime minister during a routine examination carried out on Saturday (30 March). Netanyahu underwent the operation on Sunday night (March 31) at the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem and underwent general anesthesia.

It has not been announced when he will resume official activities. The country’s Justice Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Yariv Levin, serves as acting prime minister while Netanyahu recovers.

A hernia is an elevation caused by an organ leaking into a fissure, usually in the abdominal wall. The prime minister’s office, however, did not detail the exact location of the bulge. Netanyahu has also been using a pacemaker since July 2023.

Before the surgery, the Israeli prime minister spoke to journalists. At the time, he said he would undergo the procedure “successfully” e “I would return to action very quickly”.

He also made statements about the war in the Gaza Strip. He stated that a possible call for new elections in the country would affect negotiations for the release of hostages held by Hamas. The holding of an election was one of the demands of thousands of Israeli protesters who protested on Saturday (30 March) against Netanyahu.


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