The former US president stated that the Israeli prime minister was one of those responsible for the failure to prevent the extremist group’s attack

In an interview with the magazine Time released this Tuesday (April 30, 2024), former President of the United States Donald Trump stated that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is one of those to blame for the Hamas attack on October 7.

When asked about Netanyahu’s government in Israel, Trump stated that the prime minister failed to prevent the extremist group’s actions.[As Forças de Defesa de Israel] They have the most sophisticated equipment. Everything was there to prevent this. And many people knew this, thousands and thousands of people knew this, but Israel did not know.”these.

The Republican also criticized Israel’s public relations, referring to the constant dissemination of images of bombings in the country.

If elected, Trump does not rule out restricting the sending of military aid to Israel.

Despite the harsh tone in his speeches, the former president assured that the United States will protect Israel in a possible war against Iran. “During my tenure, there were stories that Iran had no money […] there was very little terrorism. There was not [terrorismo]remembered.


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