North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries may consider sending troops to Ukraine’s war against Russia, former NATO secretary general Anders Rasmussen said in an interview with the British newspaper. The Guardian. According to the former leader of the US-led military alliance, this plan is gaining supporters, including within France.

Rasmussen led NATO between 2009 and 2014 and stated that the next summit of the military alliance, scheduled for July 11, should include in its agenda the discussion about a possible accession of Ukraine to the bloc.

The current secretary general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, stressed that security guarantees for Ukraine will be discussed at the next summit of the alliance, but that guarantees of defense against foreign aggression are guaranteed only for full members of the military bloc.

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“If NATO cannot agree on a clear path for Ukraine’s future, there is a clear possibility that some individual countries may act. We know that Poland is very much involved in providing concrete assistance to Ukraine. And I would not exclude the possibility that Poland to be further involved in this context on a national basis and to be followed by the Baltic countries, perhaps including the possibility of troops on the ground,” Rasmussen told the The Guardian.

Also according to the English newspaper, Germany resists the plan to send troops to war, fearing the Russian reaction.

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“I think the Poles would seriously consider coming in and forming a coalition of volunteers if Ukraine doesn’t get anything done in Vilnius. [na cúpula da Otan]. We must not underestimate Polish sentiments, the Poles feel that for a long time Western Europe did not heed their warnings against the true Russian mentality,” said the former NATO Secretary General.

Editing: Thalita Pires


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