The object was discovered by police on Gass Peak, the city’s highest peak, on June 17; How it got there is still a mystery

The mysterious monolith found at Gass Peak, Las Vegas, in the United States, on June 17, was removed by local authorities last Friday (June 21, 2024). The mystery of how the object appeared in the desert has not yet been solved.

Many of you have asked about the mysterious monolith that was recently spotted north of Las Vegas. Yesterday afternoon, we helped remove the item for public safety and environmental reasons.“, wrote the Las Vegas police department in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

According to local police, it is not yet known how the object arrived at the location or who may be responsible. “At this time, there is no LVMPD investigation into the object or the circumstances surrounding its existence.”he added.

The monolith, mirrored and rectangular in shape, differs from common finds in the region and sparked speculation about its origin and purpose on social media. Police also discouraged people from going looking for the object and instructed visitors to stay on marked trails.

A LVMPD said the 77-inch tall, 13-inch wide object is made of reflective sheeting and was secured with rebar and concrete. After being taken from the desert, It is being stored in an undisclosed location while authorities decide on the most appropriate way to dispose of it.”the police reported.

Similar monoliths have appeared elsewhere around the world since late 2020, with locations as varied as Utah (United States), the Isle of Wight (United Kingdom) and Romania. The authorship of the latter was claimed by the artistic group The Most Famous Artist.

This report was written by journalism intern Nathallie Lopes under the supervision of assistant editor Israel Medeiros.


24.jun.2024 (15h29) – unlike the post above stated, the monolith is 77 inches tall – not 77 meters tall. The text has been corrected and updated.


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