Declaration comes after a series of criticisms from the owner of X against the STF minister, since April 6

O dono do X (ex-Twitter), Elon Musk, these that the “censorship actions against elected representatives” in Brazil demanded by the minister of the STF (Supreme Federal Court) Alexandre de Moraes “violate” the country’s legislation. The billionaire has been on a wave of criticism against the minister since April 6th.

“The law broke the law”, stated Musk on his social network profile this Thursday (April 18, 2024). The X owner’s statements were in response to a user of the platform who said that Moraes “has been aggressive in censoring supposed ‘misinformation’ about the elections, leading to actions such as social media bans and even federal attacks without clear justification.”

According to the profile, former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), senators Marcos do Val (Podemos-ES) and Alan Rick (União Brasil-AC), and federal deputies Carla Zambelli (PL-SP) and Marcel van Hattem ( Novo-RS) are some of the individuals “target of censorship”.

On April 7, Moraes ordered the inclusion of Elon Musk as being investigated in the digital militias inquiry, filed in July 2021 and which investigates groups for conduct against democracy. The document raises the hypothesis that “intentional criminal instrumentalization”. The action took place after criticism from the billionaire.

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