The vehicle carrying the spying equipment exploded in mid-air; the country has 1 satellite of this type in orbit and intends to launch another 3 in 2024

North Korea announced on Monday (May 28, 2024) the failure of a new attempt to put its second spy satellite into orbit. According to state media KCNAit is suspected that the booster engine of the rocket carrying the satellite failed, dropping the entire structure into the Yellow Sea just minutes after liftoff.

On Monday, the Japanese government had issued an alert for a “North Korean missile” which could fall in the Okinawa region. A few minutes later, she backtracked and removed the alert, at the same time that the country’s TV stations showed images of an artifact exploding in the sky in northeast China.

Shortly before the launch, the country warned Japan’s coast guard to exercise caution in the waters between the Korean Peninsula and China, and east of the Philippine island of Luzon during the launch window, which began on Monday and would end on 3 of June.

spy satellite

North Korea placed its first spy satellite into orbit in November last year. According to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the country is building a space-based surveillance network to deal with alleged growing military threats led by the United States. Kim said his country plans to launch 3 more spy satellites in 2024.


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