Netanyahu. Foto: Gil Cohen Magen / shutterstock

Israel’s war cabinet, formed after the Hamas attacks on October 7, lost one of its three ministers this Sunday (9). Benny Gantz resigned from his post and left Benjamin Netanyahu’s emergency government.

The announcement comes one day after the Israeli army operation that saved four Israeli hostages in Nuseirat, in the center of the Gaza Strip. The rescue, however, caused the death of three other hostages, including a United States citizen, Hamas said.

“Netanyahu is preventing us from moving towards true victory. That is why we are leaving the emergency government today, with heavy hearts but with full confidence,” Gantz said in a televised press conference.

The measure does not immediately represent a threat to Netanyahu, as the prime minister is supported by a majority coalition in the Israeli Parliament. However, Gantz’s resignation leaves the prime minister more dependent on his far-right allies.

Israel’s War Cabinet was made up of Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, from the same party as the Prime Minister, Likud, and Gantz, former commander of the Israeli Armed Forces and main opponent of the far-right coalition. who governs the Jewish state.

The formation of the war cabinet with Israel’s former military chief was an attempt to demonstrate unity in the country, as he and the prime minister contested the last election.


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