Candidate leads voting intention polls for the 1st round, but the dispute must be decided in the 2nd round

Research by the consultancy Opinaia, obtained by the Argentine newspaper Clarionindicates that Javier Miler has an advantage in the eventual 2nd round of the presidential election in Argentina against Patricia Bullrich (from the right-wing coalition “Together for Change” – in Portuguese, Together for Change), and Sergio Massa (current Minister of Economy and government candidate).

mercy leader voting intentions for the 1st round, scheduled for October 22nd, but the dispute should only be decided in the 2nd round, on November 19th.

In Argentina, to be elected in the 1st round, the candidate must:

  • receive at least 45% of the valid votes; or
  • have at least 40% of the votes with a 10 percentage point advantage over 2nd place.

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The consultancy created scenarios with the 3 best positioned candidates in the polls for the 1st round: Milei, Bullrich and Massa.

Here are the results:

Miles x Massa:

  • Miles – 49%;
  • Massa – 30%;
  • Whites – 8%;
  • Undecided – 8%;
  • They wouldn’t vote – 5%.

Miles x Bullrich:

  • Miles – 39%;
  • Bullrich – 31%;
  • Whites – 14%;
  • Undecided – 7%;
  • Would not vote – 9%.

Bullrich x Massa:

  • Bullrich – 44%;
  • Massa – 32%;
  • Whites – 10%;
  • Undecided – 7%;
  • Would not vote – 7%.

From August 15th to 23rd, the consultancy interviewed 2,000 people. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.2 percentage points.

Javier Gerardo Milei is 52 years old, has a degree in economics and led the primary election on August 13, 2023, with 30.4% of the votes in the dispute for the Presidency of Argentina. He is on the right of the ideological political spectrum, with liberal ideas on the economy. He advocates closing the country’s Central Bank, doing away with the peso and using the US dollar as the local currency.

The candidate is running for Casa Rosada for the coalition “Freedom Advances” (in Portuguese, Freedom Advances). Milei defines herself as “anarcho-capitalist” e “libertarian” – is against State interference in society and in favor of the free market system. He says his program will be a “chainsaw” to cut public spending. He claims that global warming is a lie, is in favor of the sale of organs and defends the non-compulsory and private education system.

read more here about who the presidential candidates are in the October 22, 2023 election in Argentina.


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