President of Argentina visited Tesla headquarters in Texas; Argentine ambassador said the two are “soulmates”

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, met this Friday (April 12, 2024) with the owner of X (former Twitter), Elon Musk. The meeting was held at the Tesla factory in Austin, Texas (United States). Musk is CEO of the electric car manufacturer.

“Javier offered help with whatever Elon needed with his employees in the conflict that arose in Brazil”said the Argentine ambassador to the USA, Gerardo Werthein, in an interview with the newspaper Clarion. It is a reference to the billionaire’s recent criticisms of the STF and minister Alexandre de Moraes regarding a debate that would involve freedom of expression in Brazil.

According to the website Infobae, Musk told the Argentine that the government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) has been putting pressure on X. Milei reportedly said that he is aware of the case and made himself available to help. One hypothesis put forward by the website is that the businessman could, if he wishes, transfer the platform’s operation in Brazil to Argentina.

It’s unclear how Milei would help. In practice, there is nothing he can do.

The meeting lasted about 80 minutes. Also participating:

  • Karina Mileigeneral secretary of the Presidency and sister of Milei;
  • Patrick Fuksbusinessman and friend of Milei.


Werthein also said that Milei and Musk are “perfect soulmates” who agree on everything.

“It was as if two soulmates met, they agreed on every point discussed, but each added their own perspective, which made them different people in their respective categories.”

Still according to the ambassador, Milei and Musk “fully agreed on the need for freedom in markets for the progress of countries”. The billionaire would have mentioned that “bureaucratic obstacles” discourage investment.

On his X profile, Musk posted an image with Milei and the message: “We are heading towards an exciting and inspiring future!”. He also shared a post from the Argentine and repeated an excerpt from his slogan.

See photos from the meeting this Friday (April 12):

Werthein also confirmed that at the meeting, the importance of investments in lithium was discussed, highlighting the opportunities due to the qualified workforce in Argentina and the mineral reserves in the country.

Chile, Argentina and Bolivia have 60% of the world’s known lithium reserves.

The parties agreed to explore opportunities together with the Tesla team and Argentine authorities, especially in developing batteries for the automaker.

“It was a promising start based on a high-quality relationship between the president and Musk. There is significant empathy”, said the ambassador.

Casa Rosada spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, stated on X that Musk and Milei also agreed on the importance of technological development for the “progress of humanity”. He said they plan to hold a “grande” event in Argentina for “promote the values ​​of freedom”.


Since Milei’s victory in the 2023 elections, the Argentine leader and the businessman have exchanged praise.

On November 19, when the Argentine won the elections with 55.69% of the valid votes, Musk responded to a post on X that announced the election of Javier Milei. “Prosperity is ahead of Argentina”, stated the CEO of Tesla.

In December, the owner of X published on his social network profile a video of an interview with Milei, in which the libertarian praises liberalism and quotes economists John Stuart Mill and Milton Friedman.

Musk also praised the Argentine president’s speech at the 54th World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January this year. “Good explanation of what makes countries more or less prosperous”said the billionaire.


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